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All Tiger Racing Parts Are American Made

Aerodynamic Racing Fender, LSR & Drag
Originally designed for Suzuki, Hayabusa, 99-20
But fits most common forks.
Will work on a Gen 2 but you must use the TFB-13B Fender Brackets
Click Below

Tiger Racing Custom Aerodynamic Front Fender

This Racing Front Fender is the culmination of 4 years of testing and racing and was designed by
Palmer Associates, Inc. of Toledo, Ohio.

Palmer Associates has been a leading source for consultation, design, and development of machines and control systems for more than 50 years. Specializing in machine design, the company has earned a reputation for providing high quality custom machinery and controls including build and installations for the following industries: Plastics, Glass, Food, Automotive, Chemical, Packaging, Medical and Transportation.

Now you may be asking, what's this got to do with aerodynamics?  Well everything, Craig Finch, their Senior Design Engineer developed this front fender for us and knew just after one look at the stock fender and bodywork that we had to get the wind away from the leading edge of the front bodywork and move it up and over the nose for a faster flowing air at high speeds.  When you see the top of the fender, you notice right away the strange top wing (or horns) on the fender, this helps move the wind up and over the nose of the Hayabusa, while the enlarged fender sides allows the air to glide around the forks and over the leading edge of the side panels.

This new Front Fender will help you glide thru the air while running at high speeds while Land Speed Racing or Drag Racing.  You want higher speeds or faster times, then try our new front Fender to help you slice through the air and slice the competition to pieces. Most 9.0 second bikes have been known to reduce their times by as much as 2 tenths. LSR bikes going 175mph + have been known to gain over 5mph.

This Front Fender conforms to SCTA and ECTA rules whereby the tire is visible from either side for a continuous 180 degrees of tire circumference. The front fender does not extend lower than a horizontal line drawn through the front axle.  The perimeter of the fender does not extend farther than 1.750" from the tire tread.  The sides of the fender fairs the fork tubes and is not over 2.000" wider overall than those parts.

Some forks require custom mounting brackets to accomodate your specific needs. The fender fits Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1 forks and will fit Gen 2 forks using our custom fender brackets. This fender has been fitted to BMW's, Kawasaki's, Harley Davidsons, Hondas and many more by adapting small bracket arms made by customers themselves. We can't make our fender fit everyones bike, but you can manufacture a bracket to make it fit.

Click here for the Gen2 Hayabusa fender Brackets.

Price: $129.95

If this Fender is for a Gen2 Hayabusa, you must also order the TFB-13B Fender Brackets 

by clicking the above link.