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All Tiger Racing Parts Are American Made

Tiger Racing
Builds a race purpose, Land Speed Turbo driven Motorcycle,
capable of 300mph for the 1 mile
short course
The "Flying Tiger"

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Flying Tiger

The "Flying Tiger"
A Special Construction / Altered Class style Partially Streamlined Turbo / Fuel Land Speed Motorcycle.

This project is a race purpose only, turbo driven nitrous intercooled land speed motorcycle designed by Guy Caputo and chassis built by Terry McIntosh of McIntosh Machine in Xenia, Ohio. 

Our very first sponsor with this project is none other than Wossner Pistons, USA with Pistons and Rods.

This project is a collaborative effort under the supervision of Guy Caputo and consulted upon by many industry leaders in the field of Straightline, Drag Racing and Land Speed Racing.  This never before tried project will be the culmination of almost a decade of Land Speed Racing experience by Guy Caputo and his team of sponsors.  It is projected for a maiden test run in 2015 at Wilmington, OH.  There is no better track than Wilmingtons 8.500 foot runway to test a 300mph vehicle on the cement 1 mile short track.

Aerodynamics - Power - Traction - Weight
Are the four most critical components for success in this project.  Guy Caputo set and reset most every Nitrous Fuel Land Speed Records in both Modified and Altered Partially Streamlined classes from 1650cc and above since 2005 in the 1 mile short track at Maxton.  His experience combined with industry leaders and other top racers in the field of straightline, Drag Racing and Land Speed Racing will be used to successfully overcome these and many other issues.  "No need to re-invent the wheel" says Guy, "we just need to make it go faster and stop sooner."

We will document every step of the process with great pictures and words by Guy Caputo and E. Don Smith, a veteran writer and Land Speed Racer himself.  We will be highlighting project sponsored parts in various magazine articles and an ongoing multi part series story on

Crankshaft Transmission w/ O.D. Gears
Ceramic Bearings
Rods & Lower End parts
Clutch Top End & Head Pistons
Chassis Electronics Plenum and other RPM parts
Turbo Brakes & Wheels Safety Gear

Tiger Racing gives Kudos and Thanks for the following sponsors
who are partnering with this project.

Drogue Chute Design and Assy. - Delaware Chassis
Chassis Retrofit - McIntosh Machine
Wheels Retrofit - Kosman Specialty Wheels

Motor parts
Air Flow Specialist - Ward Performance
Cams - Web Cams Inc.
Crankshaft / Head & Crank Studs / Cam Sprockets- APE Racparts
Fuel Injectors / Rail / Pump / Regulator - MPS Racing
Motor Builder - Tiger Racing
Motor Ceramic Bearings - WorldWideBearings
Pistons & Rods - Wossner, USA
Transmission O.D. Gears - Robinson Industries
Clutch/Clutch Mgmt. -
MTC Engineering
Valve Train components - Kibblewhite Precision Machine
Misc. Motor Parts - Schnitz Racing

Turbo Parts
Plenum (custom) - RPM Cycle Performance
Turbo - Noonan/Derwin Racing
Turbo Mentorship and custom turbo parts -

Holly Fuel / Spark Boost Controller -
MPS Racing
Digital Gauges and Sensors - Dyno Tune
Misc. Electronic Parts - Schnitz racing

Data Acquisition Systems
Holly Data Acquisition - MPS Racing

Tires - Richies Tires

Suspension Items

Braking System - Beringer Brakes
Custom Bodywork - AirTECH Streamlining
Wheels, Ceramic Bearings - WorlWideBearings

Custom Paint
Custom Paint - Centerfold Customs Inc.

Tiger Racing Sponsors:
AirTECH Streamlining

APE Raceparts
Beringer Brakes
Centerfold Customs Inc.
Delaware Chassis
Kibblewhite Precision Machine
Maximum Performance
McIntosh Machine
MPS Racing
MTC Engineering
Noonan/Derwin Racing
Richies Tires
Robinson Industries
RPM Cycle Performance
Schnitz Racing
Ward Performance
Web Cams Inc.
Wossner Pistons, USA

This project and bike has been named the "Flying Tiger" in honor of the P-40 War Hawk flown by the heroic pilots in both the China conflict and again at Pearl Harbor.  On December 7, 1941, a large Japanese naval air armada attacked the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, and all of the nearby airfields. This is where the P-40 first defended American Interest.  Since The P-40 was the first American plane in the air after that first attack on Americans, we also honor our own American fliers who flew the F-16 Fighter Jets out of Dover AFB and the 180th Toledo Ohio Air National Guard unit on 9-11 who were the first in the air to protect our country against further terrorist aggression.

Click here to keep track of the "Flying Tiger" build.

Tiger Racing Sponsors the Air National Guard
and will take the 180th Stinger with them on every trip down the track!

Air National Guard  f-16

You can Contact Guy by Clicking Here

1-800-GO GUARD